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Vorbereitung des Büros / preparing my office

During the last days I’ve prepared my office for the 3D printer. Initially there have been 3 racks. All more than filled by stuff. The rack in the middle should be replaced by a lowboy on which the printer will be placed.

So I had to muck out all 6 racks, which are located inside my office. I can’t remember, how many chests I moved to the trash. But sometimes I was ready. I’ve bought the lowboy at Ikea. Putting it together became quite more difficult as expected. If I would have read the manual (more) carefully, I would have discovered that the 2 upper drawers are built up differently as the lower one. But finally it was done.

Fore sure the deco will be removed from the lowboy, when the printer will be placed on it. I’ll add a kitchen hood and another black board above the printer.

IMG 2759

Update 3.8.2017

Today I’ve installed the kitchen hood is installed.

IMG 2771

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