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WVTims video of the mechanism

We visited Tinas kids and grand kids from 7/18 - 7/22. On the first evening Marcus took me into his cellar. „I want to show you something…“, he said. And I was standing in front of his 3D printer. He explained the principle to me and showed me some examples of things, he already printed. His printer was built by a friend for roughly 700 USD for material and work. But this printer is much better as a device you’ll able to buy for 2,200 USD. The virus came over me and I was deeply impressed.

Immedeatily I thought about the mechanism of Tims cache release. This should be able to be printed as one piece! The next day was sunny and Tina and me spend all the day at out most favourite wellness and sauna therme in Beuren. I ased for some paper and a pencil and made a draft of the part. Being ready I took a picture from it and sent it to Marcus.

When visiting him at the eveing I already had printed a draft. The lug was too short as the whole lever. But the lever for the servo was much too long. He adjusted all inside his 3D-CAD program and printed again. It took exactly 48 minutes to have this result in my hands: 

Schnappschuss (2017-07-23 07.43.28)


Left: side view
Center: from top with the holes for the hinge
Right:  from bottom with the lead for the servo

Meanwhile the decision is taken: I’ll step into this topic. Marcus and me had the same idea: He will ask his friend to built a new one for him and he’ll sell his actual one to me. A little bit difficult will be the software part: He’s working with two programs only running on Windows. It will be a big advantage, both of us using the same software. Due to that I’ll need a new „virtual machine“ (under VMWare Fusion) with Windows and the programs for my iMac. I’ve asked already a colleague of mine, to built it.

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