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9th JC Temperatures


Some days ago I thought about a new cache using a laser beamer. And also about to charge an inside batterie by a solar panel. You told me that you have already a laser cache out, but with a complete different concept. And also that you have a solar powerd cache out. So both of my ideas didn’t made you really happy. But you asked me for a temperatue cache. So I did it. Here’s a video clip of the prototype:

As ever: By clicking the YouTube button, you can watch it in 1080p…

During our FaceTime yesterday we discussed, that the temperatue is quite low in West Virginia at this moment and the cacher wouldn’t have the chance, to bring it down. My first idea was, to switch automatically between summer and winter mode based on the date. But this was silly: The Arduino isn’t offering a real time clock. But after some seconds I had a much better idea: Based on the outside temperature the sketch will automatically switch to winter or summer mode.

While in summer mode the cacher has to in- and decrease the temperature based on the actual outside temperature, in winter all target temperatures will be above outside temperature. 

You can pick the full sketch here

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