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17th JC: Jump & Run

Monday, 24.10.2016:

While waiting for a new microphone breakout for Frequency, I just started to built a new cache around this jump & run game:

Why this one? Because it seems to become a funny one and I still have a lot of 16x2 LCDs in my local stock (because all the time during the last months I used 20x4 ones… ).

Tomorrow will be again a very busy day: I’ll leave - as usual - my flat at 5am, but I won’t be back prior 9:30 pm in the evening… So be a little bit patience please! I hope I’ll be able to work on it prior my leave next Tuesday for a business trip first to Madrid/Spain, than Toulouse/France and after the weekend to Bristol/UK… Hope to have a prototype and a video ready to be published next weekend.

Tuesday, 25.10.2016

This one is quite different to Frequency. I skipped my lunch (because there will be a kind of a dinner this evening) and finished the prototype. I added a gimmick: Let’s say the cacher has to reach level 40. After every 5th level the speed of the game is increasing a little bit. No need for thinking about. You’re just fixing the values of how many levels are needed to win, the lowest speed (at start) and the maximum one and everything is calculated inside. 

Most complicated was triggering the LCD, because the way it’s done in my „subroutine“ and inside the initial sketch, I used as a foundation for mine, are completely different. Much worse: Not compliant! To keep my way of triggering I needed to change most of the pins and and many lines inside the sketch. Unfortunately it worked with much less variables but direct figures inside the command. That made it much more difficult than to change just a parameter...

And here’s the video of the first working prototype:

As ever: By clicking on the YouTube icon you can watch in 1080p

Stay tuned! 

Blog will be continued… 

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