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19th JC: Casino

While you’re celebrating Thanksgiving, eating the turkey and a lot of other marvelous dishes, Marsha prepared, I just trained myself on the TFT screen. Birdoino used for the main game a sketch, I’ve „adopted“. Now I wanted to write a sketch totally by myself. The result is Casino:

IMG 8792

The cacher has to play a game similar to „one-handed bandit“. Everytime you’re touching the screen, one, two or all three numbers will change. (I’m quite proud about „spinning“ them from the actual number to the new one in a diferent speed.) The amount of new numbers (0-3) to change and the new numbers themselves are all random based on my Better_Seed subroutine. The sum of all numbers must be 15 with a tolerance, I set actually to 1. So any sum between 14 and 16 will show the lock code to reach the log. But this tollerance can be easily choosen at the header of the sketch, or set to zero.

Update 11/25/2016:

I’ve optimized the sketch a little bit. E.g.: Especially I didn’t liked the yellow color of the TFT (check „Birduino“ color of the Birduino cache). I modified the RGB values for some colors and now they’re fine - even yellow is yellow now… Here’s the promised video. Sometimes it seems I have to tap 2 or 3 times. This topic is still under investigation….

First version

As ever: By clicking to YouTube icon you can watch in 1080p

I’ve just published this sketch for download here

Update 11/26/2016:

Early in the morning, prior starting to do my Saturday errands, I eliminated the bug, which caused the need to tap more than once. In addition I have an idea, to make the spinning much nicer. Let’s see, whether I’m able to realize that too…

Now it’s already afternoon and - yes, I did it! Look to the video below and watch the numbers spinning. It’s not a big difference to the video above, but it’s much more realistic, or? You’ll discover, that one or two times I had to tap twice. That’s no longer a bug. But „randomly“ the sketch decided to change none of the three numbers. In that case, nothing is happening and you have to tap again. (Many years ago there was a saying here in Germany: „It’s no bug - it’s a SONY!“)

Final version

As ever: By clicking to YouTube icon you can watch in 1080p

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