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4 x 20 LCD with PWR

Yesterday new stuff arrived, including a new 4 x 20 LCD. I modified a sketch and learned how to control the brightness from the sketch. Here’s the result:

Unfortunately you can’t see the change of the brightness quite fine, because the camera adjusted it. But trust me, it’s working!

We need to decide, which of our new caches will work with such a LCD. And I need to adapt my subroutines for writing and scrolling text to this hardware… But this shouldn’t be a big thing. Maybe I can work on it when staying for the 90th birthsday of my father-in-law again on Usedom (the most east island of Germany in the Baltic Sea) this weekend.

At this moment I’m ready to rush to the post box station to pick the newest member of my Apple family. It’s a 11“ MacBookAir. If it will arrive in time, it will go together with my 13“ MBA to the island…

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