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The SCBC Kick Off


From 5/31 to 6/6 I visited Tim and Marsha for attending the kick off event of the SCBC geotrail on Saturday 4/6. It was a great time, I spent with my new two friends.

At the moment I’m preparing our summer vacation in Egypt from 6/13 to 7/4. So there’s no time at the moment to report on all the great experiences I had during that time. I’ll do later and a short video is already under preparation. So wait a little bit up to the full story will be told here.

No, the story isn’t told, but here’s a video and some pictures: The first pictures are „stolen“ from the listing of this event…





And here’s „my“ video I’ve taken during the stay with Marsha and Tim. What a great time that was. Below you’ll find a poem, Marsha just sent me after my visit.

Due to the fact the music isn’t GEMA free, I couldn’t post it on YouTube.
It’s on my own cloud.
So no chance to change the resolution… Sorry.

Marshas poem:


A stranger came here from afar
A plane was needed, not a car.

In his bags he packed a knife
(I wondered, "will he take my life?")

At first he seemed a little shy
But soon, a twinkle in his eye!

His English words were fun to hear
Yet the meaning of them was quite clear.

He showed me how he likes to cook
Special recipes from his own book

We took our time and didn't hurry
Creating soup with lots of curry

Then dumplings served with a sauce divine
The quiche Lorraine was just sublime!

And also chicken fried just right
My stomach feeling not-so-light....

So many cachers knew his name
Gave him thanks for improving their game

Without his help, the hardware is lacking
Tim needed him for extra backing

The two of them would talk it out
And fix what broke without a doubt.

One night he got a sweet surprise
The flashing of many fireflies!

Good memories lingered through the end
He came as a stranger but left as a friend...

Most of the time Tim and me worked on our caches. This picture is from just some minutes prior midnight before the kick-off event. „Fire Safety“, as Tim called his version, wasn’t working as we want it to do...

13404000 10210386222077791 1179301837846411670 o

But the time Marsha and me spent in her kitchen, was also very nice and funny:

IMG 7113

It was an European menue we prepared for their „kids":

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Starter was a curry soup, main course Vienna fried chicken with Bavarian bread dumplings, Marsha and me prepared the day before. A creamy source with mushrooms to make it not so dry. At the end we offered a Quiche Loraine to be sure, nobody would leave the table hungry…

This picture is from the last day at World War 2 Memorial in Washington, DC. It was just prior my flight teft from Washington in the evening…

IMG 7165

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