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03/25/2018: Last flight of my first Mavic Platinum Pro

My colleague Frank asked me to take a video from the nest they prepared for a stork on a field nearby an old water mill they’re restoring since years. At the end I’ve visited the mill and was very existed, especially about the large gears, all made of wood. 

All went quite well, but after the two takes shown in this video, I wanted to perform a flight over the lakes of the old mill. But unfortunately I made 3 mistakes:

  1. I choosed a place under trees, so no automatic „Return To Home“ would be possible. I let the drone fly in roughly 3 meters hight through a wide opening of the bushes around the lake.
  2. Suddenly I wasn’t able to see the drone. Eben it was in front of the bushes on the other side of the lake, I coudn’t see it. I turned the drone into my direction to start flying back. I should have done nothing for some minutes but started thinking. Unfortunately I didn’t
  3. I flew back into my direction, but I didn’t noticed the altitude on my DJI CrystalSky pad. Suddenly the screen became black and white, frezzed and I’ve got the notice „connection lost“. Instead flying into my direction I must made my drone a submarine.

Even when the 4k movies are stored on a SD card inside the drone, the movies are also stored in 720p on the CS pad. I used that for the movie below.

I’ve ordered a new Mavic, SD card and some other stuff and all arrived already. But 1,250 Euro are gone with the wind. 

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