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2017/11/24: Preparation

Yesterday was only less time so when I tried to connect remote and iPad with the Magic I was totally frustrated. Nothing worked. 

Today I left my office a little bit earlier and worked on it again. Maybe it was a mistake to read the manual more than 3 times. Now I did it step by step. First I discovered that I have to select WLAN or RC at the Mavic. I switched to WLAN and connection via WLAN worked immediately. 

I dicided to hold the Mavic from below and tapped on „Start“ on the iPad. I wasn’t aware of the power, when the drone tried to lift up. But due to the fact, it wasn’t starting, tapping on „Land“ didn’t worked. What to do? Waiting 30 minutes up to the batterie would be empty? Impossible!! So I decided to carefully remove the batterie. Not so easy because of the propellers… At the end I was successful but my fingers came in touch with the propellers more than once. I discovered that the propellers are very, very sharp and much stronger than my fingers. After having the drone unpowered I need some tape for my fingers. After that I cleaned my desk from all the blood. Lesson learned: I’ll never do again!

After that I switched the Mavic to „RC“, cabled the iPad to the remote control and powered it on. Immediately there was a connection. I tried the remote and brought the Mavic less than 2 inches up. Landing was a full success. But the height hasn’t been spectacular…

Tomorrow my colleague will visit me and maybe the weather will offer conditions for a maiden flight.

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