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2nd flight on 12/02/2017

Yesterday the weather forecast for the afternoon was fine for flying, so I left my office already at 1:15 pm to drive home and to perform my second flight. After driving back roughly 10 minutes it started raining. So nothing was done on Friday.

Today I had an appointment at my dentist at 10:30 am. So I did all the errands quite early, drove to the dentist and after that back to our home. I’ve fetched the drone to perform a training my French boss (also owning a drone since some weeks but being very experienced with remote controlled model cars) proposed to me. I chosed a location very nearby of our flat:


But I didn’t only trained flying „8“, I also took some video clips:

By clicking onto the YouTube button, you can watch in 4k.

After roughly 30 minutes my hands became frozen so I needed to finish. All next week it will be too windy and me quite busy. So I don’t know when the 3rd fly will happen…

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