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1. Training: Der finale Haken / 1st training: The final latch

This latch was my first training. I started with the single latch and told about in “as it started“. But now I wanted to integrate the holding of the servo into thisn construction. The result is shown below.

I had a quite intensive discussion with Al Stein from Pennsylvania/USA. He suggested also to include the mounting of the latch to this holder. I have had the same idea also. But doing so, I would get rid of some degrees of freedom, when things will not match as they should.

Schnappschuss (2017-08-21 18.18.43)

I think, I’ve done it. I can’t prepare more prior the printer is located in my office:

As ever: By clicking onto the YouTube button, you can watch in 1080p.

Stay tuned! 

Blog will be continued… 

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