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Video for your seminar


On 3/19/2016 you will have your annual geocaching seminar. You explained me, what’s the reason for it: 

When you started your geocaching career, not knowing a lot about geocaching, you wanted to learn. So you attended local regulars’ tables on geocaching (at least here in Germany they are called like that). But you investigated, that they won’t be the right plave to learn. 

It’s the same here in Germany. Half of the time the attendees are speaking about things being totally outside the main theme (especially „mad“ cachers“ not attending). And when they’re talking about geocaching, it’s about caches they logged: A tree to climb up being more than 300 feet high, or a well to climb down being more than 100 feet deep. Or they’re talking about their latest ACE (Advanced Caching Equipment) like a torch, flashing 10 miles far and being able, to flash around a corner…

But learning? Especially about construction of caches? Negative!

So you decided to invite for a seminar every year, where „professional“ cachers are giving advices to newbies and beginners and where a lot of geocaching stuff is presented.

Due to our friendship and as an appetizer for our joint Smart Caches I’ll attend your seminar by this short video. It wasn’t easy for me, to talk in English in a way that it’s not too awful. And I need to find a balance between showing whats inside our caches (as an appetizer again) and not to show too many spoilers. I hope I’ve found this balance by only showing prototypes (and especially the German versions) and not to explain, what is shown. The examples from inside our caches only should give them an idea about our efforts. I hope, I reached that target quite well.

At the moment the video is set as „not listed“ in YouTube. After the seminar I’ll switch it to „public“.

Now enjoy watchng it:

It seems the seminar has been a great success, even when the weather went awfull (as usual with your seminars). Here’re the pictures, you sent to me:

IMG 1984

IMG 1989


IMG 2001

Blog finished.

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